Down The Deuce

by Fulhäst

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I had cold pizza for breakfast this morning and I ate it all wrapped up in bed watching women-in-prison movies trying to nurse my head Cause days of excessive drinking had left me in quite a state and the only way, I could face another day was through scantily clad jungle jailbreaks So I put on a double-bill by the legendary Jack Hill if Pam Grier won’t make me feel better nothing will So I stayed in bed the whole morning and late into the afternoon only leaving to get some icecream from the kitchen or go to the bathroom Then back to my duvet my own fluffy cotton cell feeling guilty being in heaven when they’re all stuck in hell So I went for some Bruno Mattei and his slightly harsher ways swapping the Philipino jungle for concrete in the USA Sometimes it’s nice to watch movies that aren’t politically correct and sometimes it’s nice to watch movies where you know exactly what to expect There’ll be an evil governor and horrible guards a sadistic warden and sweaty hard labour Torture and threats, escape attempt And several unnecessary shower scenes Cat fights and back stabbing, homemade knives Food fights and drug dealing and fullscale riots And an older inmate who used to be the shit and now she’s pissed off, cause someone else is trying to be it
Tonight I’m going through old boxes trying to clear myself some space If I want to keep collecting memories some old ones need to be erased And I don’t know why I kept this it doesn’t make sense You must have made quite an impression on me back when we were friends I guess I could get back in touch but would we anything to say no I don’t think we’re missing much by letting it just slip away And it’s weird, but it feels wrong even though you’ll never know but there’s a dustbin in the back of my brain and I guess it’s time for you to go
It feels like time standing still and yet it moves so fast can’t seem to find the thrills with potential to last I’ve been here before and still it seems so new It’s the same, but it’s not. It’s false but true. All I know is I’m already older than I was yesterday I have no idea how old I’m gonna be when tomorrow comes around But that’s ok And you’re climbing the horizon, lightyears away and I’m so alive I’m probably dead Can’t remember the future, can’t wait for the past I think I won the race even if I came last All I know is I’m already older than I was yesterday I have no idea how old I’m gonna be when tomorrow comes around But that’s ok, I don’t think I wanna find out.
I was on holiday with my family when I heard about Kurt Cobain I cried my heart out in the hotel room with a pillow pressed against my face Then I got my mum to drive my round the whole town just so I could pick up copies of every paper I could find He was the first, but not the last of my heroes to die back in 1994 I saw Dumb & Dumber in the cinema with my best friend we laughed so hard it hurt and never wanted it to end Then I saw Pulp Fiction and now I’m kinda embarrassed to say That it changed life in ways I didn’t understand back then I’d never ever seen anything like it before that was also in 1994 And it was the year we started our first high school punk rock band recording songs into a ghetto blaster in our drummer’s bed room Trying so hard to figure out what the world was all about writing songs about nazis and skateboards toothpaste and climate change How I wish I still had all those tapes from 1994 Do you remember 1994? I remember 1994 like it was just 18 years ago
Last night I built a time machine I went to New York City in the 70s I headed straight for 42nd Street Times Square is the place to be Down the Deuce to see what was on 'I Eat Your Flesh' before 'I Drink Your Blood' So tempted by all the marquees and their glowing letters calling out to me Give me love and death and blood and sex tonight I’m sharing popcorn with a crack whore and her pimp and it’s alright This is where all the misfits go to be entertained We don’t expect you to understand Watching Maniac with maniacs What’s that noise coming from the back? It doesn’t matter, it’s just part of being here where if it’s normal it’s weird To the Lyric with some time to kill A Christina Lindberg double bill Get my fix of the obscene There are no rules here, it’s the 70s Yeah there was a riot on 42 Street Some prudent Republican asshole wanted this city cleaned No more watching trashy films on cum-stained seats A Disneyfied nightmare is all that remains of our dreams


released June 11, 2012


all rights reserved



Fulhäst London, UK

Used to make lo-fi gameboy pop-punk about movies, time machines, heartbreak and stuff...Now I mainly make photo zines and things.

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